Disability Awareness Day 2011 – 20th Anniversary Show

Disability Awareness Day (DAD), Europe’s largest ‘not for profit’ voluntary-led disability exhibition, is on Sunday 10th July. To mark this, their 20th anniversary, there will be events and activities in the week leading up to the actual day, which will be celebrated with a magnificent exhibition in Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington.

The DAD exhibition will include over 300 stands promoting available services and support providers, raising awareness of assistive technologies to aid independence and celebrating opportunities and achievements in arts, sports and entertainment. There will also be lots of fun activities in the Sports Zone, Arts Marquee and the family fairground. Creative Support has a stand and we look forward to seeing you there.

For more information please see the DAD 2011 leaflet. You can also visit or contact the DAD Admin Team on 01925 240064.



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  1. John Banana on June 15, 2011 9:30 am

    With 25+ million in the bank, a figure which is going up annually, how can Creative Support dare to show their face at a ‘not for profit’ event? Why isn’t this money bring used to benefit service users?

  2. Alison White, Marketing & Communications Coordinator on June 15, 2011 4:03 pm

    Dear John, Thank you for taking an interest in our website, the activities we are involved in and our operations. Creative Support has always been committed to using our assets and resources for the benefit of our service users and even in these uncertain times, we are continuing this commitment. The £25 million pounds that you refer to, identified as Capital and Reserves on the balance sheet in our audited accounts, is almost totally wrapped up in assets/reserves that we have built up over the past 20 years, mainly in the form of properties we have bought to provide good quality housing for our service users and investments we have made in new services. Outside of these assets, there is a relatively small amount in the bank that is used, and needed, as working capital for property renewals and maintenance and to cover our monthly wage bill, which, as a large organisation, I’m sure you can appreciate, is quite high. For example, at the end of March 2011 we had £2.5m in the bank, of which, £2m was needed to cover the monthly wage bill. As a not-for-profit organisation, if we have any surplus at year end, no money is withdrawn from the organisation; it is all reinvested for the benefit of those we support. If you would like to discuss this further or if there are any other issues you would like to raise, please do not hesitate to contact me at our head office: tel 0161 236 0829 or e-mail


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