Fun filled charity quiz night!

What a turnout! More than 30 members of staff from head office, plus a few friends and family, attended our Toilet Quiz Night at the English Lounge on April 1st. Everyone enjoyed an evening of mental agility, creativity, competition, food, drink and laughter to raise money towards the Samochima Pre-school toilets in Botswana.

Five teams competed for three very special trophies! Pens poised at the ready they answered rounds on Africa, Music, Toilet Facts, Pot Luck, Film and Sport – with Martin’s Film round proving the toughest! There was also a special photo round and a creativity round where each team had to build, and decorate, a pit latrine (long drop toilet) using boxes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, fabric off-cuts, etc. – very Blue Peter! This last round resulted in five amazing toilets, but the joint winners of this round were Ann Lou’s Poo Crew and We Would Have Beat You But … The overall results are as follows:

In First place and recipients of the much coveted Golden Toilet Brush were We Would Have Beat You But … (including representatives from Housing and Purchasing who proved that one should always have more faith in one’s abilities!).

In Second place and recipients of the equally stylish Silver Toilet Brush were Must dash (moustache) (including members of the Marketing and Social Inclusion Team, with valuable assistance from Lucy and Gerry).

In Third place, and winners of the final trophy, the Bronze Toilet Brush, were Quiz Team Aguilera from Finance.

And trailing in fourth and fifth places, but valiant competitors nonetheless, were Anne Lou’s Poo Crew and Karen’s Posse – better luck next time!

The quiz was followed by a ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’ competition, won by Gavin from Finance and a raffle with some unusual prizes including a beautiful carved wooden secret lock box generously donated by Shared Earth, African bark cloth magic wallets, San (Bushmen) leather and copper bracelets, chocolates, jewellery and lest we forget the reason behind the frivolity, lots of toiletries!

Thanks to everyone who took part and made it such a good night! As well as having a lot of fun, we raised £92 towards our toilet fund!




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