National Census Prize Draw

For all those who remember it, 10 years have already passed since the 2001 National Census and here we are again! Everyone living in the UK must either complete a 2011 Census questionnaire or be included on the questionnaire completed for the household they live in. By law, everyone has to complete the questionnaire, even the Queen. Questionnaire guides are available in 56 different languages as well as a British Sign Language video and an audio CD, however answers must be provided using the on-line form or the original questionnaire and must be written in English. For more information or assistance take a look at the Census website:

All completed questionnaires should be returned, either on-line or by post, by early April. Any households that have not submitted a questionnaire will be visited by a census official to find out why and provide assistance if needed. There is a fine of up to £1000 for not completing and returning a Census Questionnaire.

The information provided in the questionnaires is used by the government to plan future improvements to public services such as transport, healthcare, housing and education. The amount of money your council will receive depends on the information provided in each census form, so it is very important that you answer all the questions accurately and submit your answers.

To encourage all service users and staff to complete and return their questionnaires, Creative Support is holding a Census Prize Draw: first complete and return your census form to the government, then complete and return the prize draw entry slip to Creative Support’s head office by 16 April. Entry slips were sent out to all projects and services last week with pre-paid envelopes for returning completed slips. You could win a cash prize of £50, £30 or £10.

If you have not received your entry slip or would like more information, please contact the Marketing Team at head office on 0161 236 0829 or




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