Charity Auction

We are holding a very cultural charity auction to raise money for Samochima Pre-school in Botswana, Africa, all for want of a loo or 2!

You have the opportunity to contribute to a very worthy cause – for more information on this, see our previous news story on the plight of the pre-school – whilst at the same time, receiving an amazing creation. The items up for auction are:

A stunning batik and hand-painted wall hanging created by San artists in southern Africa (2.2m x 2.5m)
An amazing length of tie-dyed fabric from West Africa (1.2m x 3.2m)
Voices of the San – a beautiful book ‘written’ by the San (Bushmen) of southern Africa about their lives and traditional culture, through the transcription of oral testimonies


The auction will close on Friday, 22nd April 2011.

To place a bid on any of the items we are accepting email and phone bids and bids in person through the Marketing Team at head office.

Regular updates will be sent out giving the highest bids.

For more information, see our Auction Flyer.




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