Health & Wellbeing in 2011

After the indulgence of Christmas many of us make New Years resolutions to improve our health. To help with this we will be hosting a number of Health & Wellbeing events across the country in February. Look out for events in London, Manchester, the South East, North East, Birmingham and Morecambe.

The events will involve presentations from various health professionals, Creative Support health checks (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and lifestyle checks, etc), interactive stalls, plenty of handouts and fact sheets.

Charlie Culshaw invites anyone who is interested to attend a planning meeting on Tuesday 18th January at 1pm at head office. We would really like to have a representative from each of the above regions as we will depend on regional health champions to make the events a success. We would particularly like to hear from any of our qualified nurses who are willing to help out on the day by carrying out the health checks.

Please confirm your attendance with Karen Hampson at head office by calling her on 0161 236 0829.




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