Enjoying a winter wonderland!

Some of our service users in Cumbria have been enjoying the seasonal weather and making the most of the significant snow fall, as you can see in the pictures below. The star of these photos is Stephen. Stephen has a diagnosis of a severe learning disability and autism and due to the risks that Stephen can present with he has spent the majority of his life in institutional settings. In fact, before coming to Creative Support in November 2010 he spent the last couple of years on a section of the Mental Health Act in a hospital environment. When Stephen becomes anxious his behaviour can be very challenging and when he was in hospital he needed to be physically restrained multiple times a day and wasn’t able to leave the hospital very regularly at all. Since Stephen moved to one of our Cumbria services, the level of physical intervention that has been needed has reduced significantly and Stephen is regularly getting out and about around the local area.

Supporting Stephen is still complex and challenging, however as these pictures show he is managing to lead a happy and fulfilling life and what better achievement to celebrate at Christmas time. He certainly hasn’t been sledging for many a year! The plan is now to develop his clear love of ‘motion’ based activities and organise a trip to Blackpool pleasure beach and to a Go Karting course in the New Year!



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