Live radio broadcast from Warrington Day Centre on World Mental Health Day

When Warrington Mental Health forum was asked to take part in a radio interview with Warrington Community radio as part of world Mental Health Day it seemed the ideal opportunity to invite the presenter to come and meet some of the people who use mental health services at Warrington Day Centre.

Warrington Day Centre had arranged a Grease Mania day to celebrate World Mental Health Day and to try and normalise mental health for everyone. People talked to the presenter about their own personal experiences in a relaxed environment. This broadcast was played throughout community venues within the Warrington area including Warrington market.

This was fantastic and to my knowledge it’s the first time the day centre has been involved in anything like this and hopefully similar opportunities will arise in the future. The opportunity provided the chance to break down stigma and barriers that people with mental health issues face on a daily basis. I hope that people listening will rethink their perspective on mental health and the individuals that cope with its problems.

The day was also an excellent way of promoting the work that the staff and volunteers do weekly within the centre. Let’s hope that the community will see the centre as a caring nurturing place instead of something to be feared and ignored.

Warrington as a whole has a very good team of both professionals and service users who work together to promote positive mental health and prevent people from suffering alone. The links that have now been forged between Creative Support, Warrington Community Radio and other statutory organisations can only be seen as a positive step forward and should be encouraged to benefit everyone regardless of ethnic background religion gender or sexual preference … Movement is slow but getting the message across IS happening!

By Claire Haslam, service user at Warrington Day Centre

Radio Broadcast – Part 1

Radio Broadcast – Part 2

Radio Broadcast – Part 3




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