Manchester Referrals Service Open Day

Creative Support’s Manchester Referral Service held an Open Day for service users, support staff and social care professionals. We were pleased to welcome the following partnership agencies:

GIFT work with young people who are in danger of homelessness, or have experienced trouble at school, with police or have had contact with Social Services for other reasons.

Mustard Tree
Mustard Tree is a Christian organisation which helps people in vulnerable situations with furniture, support and activities. The range of support includes: free or heavily discounted furniture; workshops to refurbish an item of furniture to take home; structured work placement programmes; access to prayer groups and specific support groups such as narcotics anonymous.

Acting on Impulse
Acting on Impulse make short films and street and theatre plays highlighting issues experienced by homeless people, working with unprofessional actors, many of whom have been or still are homeless. A film featuring Darlington, one of the Referral Service’s former service users, was shown and Darlington also read one of his own poems regarding his experience of mental health and homelessness/housing issues.

Counted In
Counted In is a partnership between Creative Support, Manchester City Council and St. Vincents Housing Association and works with homeless people on the streets of Manchester.



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