Creative Photography for Beginners

As part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations, some projects are putting together art and photography exhibitions and encouraging service users to participate in the creativity competitions. To support and promote this, Alison White, our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, has run Creative Photography for Beginners workshops for service users in London and Droitwich.

The workshops were split into three parts: first we looked at some of the rules of composition and photography and then we went out with disposable cameras, to put these rules into practice. After a fun session taking photos, acting like the paparazzi and being mistaken for tourists, the films were put in for 1 hour developing whilst the participants enjoyed their lunch. In the afternoon we looked at each person’s photos and selected their best ones to be made into a display at the projects. Everyone was impressed with the photos and we look forward to receiving their entries for the photography competition!

I haven’t taken photographs since I was a boy and this course has helped me as I can take them again. I enjoyed it! Harry, Worcester service



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