Football Fantastic!

On Saturday 5th June this year, twenty eight teams from Creative Support projects around the country travelled to the Powerleague Soccerdome in Trafford to battle it out on the pitches.

It was the hottest day of the year so far and all those who went will confirm that it was like a sauna inside the building. The competition was fierce and despite a couple of gentle scraps on the pitches and some sporting injuries everyone had a fantastic day out.

The final match between Fletcher Court and Cumbrian Chipmunks was tense although the mood was lightened by Peter Scott and Allen Howard’s hilarious commentary.

Special guest Sue Smith who plays Midfield for England gave an inspirational speech and shared football techniques. She also chose two players of the tournament, Colin Andrews, service user, and Scott Black, Senior Support Worker.

The event raised a total of £580 which has been donated to two charities: CP Sport which encourages people with cerebral palsy to enjoy sports, and WaterAid.

A great day was had by all, as can be seen in the comments and photos below:

“Damaged toe, cut leg, tight hamstring, bruised ribs, couldn’t breathe … all in a days work. Fletcher Court winning the trophy … PRICELESS!!”  Scott, Fletcher Court

“Everyone had a lovely day and I am really proud that we won!! Nobody was more surprised than we were!”  Wendy, Fletcher Court

“We made the long journey down to Manchester determined to win after last year’s narrow defeat. The group stages were full of highs and lows but we made it through to the final game. Bittersweet emotions ran high as we lost the final to Fletcher Court. A fantastic day made easy with superb organisation by event officials … As Arnie once said ‘We’ll be back!!’” Gary, Cumbrian Chipmunks

“We all had a superb time at the football tournament. There was clearly a great deal of work done before the event and everyone worked so hard on the day to make it run smoothly. It was very impressive. Better than that … we had 2 teams in the quarter finals. A big thank you from everyone in the north east and we look forward to next years event.”  Denise, North East Allstars, North East Town and North East United

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