Positive Citizenship – cast your vote!

Voting in political elections is a very important part of being an active citizen and Creative Support encourages service users to make their voices heard in the upcoming Local and General Elections by voting on May 6th.

Service users in Blackpool have been very proactive in discussing the elections at their annual Service User Forum. They used a picture of a street scene as focal point and then discussed what issues they thought the government should address, examples being homelessness, transport and drug use. For their next meeting, tenants have invited a representative from the Electoral Commission to come and talk to them about how to use their vote.

We encourage all projects to provide unbiased support and promote opportunities for our service users to get involved in the voting process.

An Easy Read guide to voting is available to download from the MENCAP Website and www.promotethevote.co.uk explains the election in a simple and stimulating way.



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