Salford Summer Event

In August Salford Services held a summer garden party and bar-b-q, which focused on the health & Wellbeing. The objective of the event was to raise awareness of healthy eating and exercise and it was an amazing success as the day was most enjoyable and informative and the organisers received 110% positive feedback!! Well done to all!!

As we are a service user focused organisation it was important to the service that our service users were involved in all areas of the day. The food was cooked and presented by Salford tenants and community service users. This was group work at its best!

As well as the amazing food prepared by our service users, we found out that we have other hidden talents within Salford, of which we were not aware until the Karaoke machine made its first appearance! Yes, there was much singing and dancing from both staff and service users. They know who they are and we hope they come back to entertain us again next year.

Salford Services would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took part and made the event a success! Particular thanks to John for the amazing salads, to Angela for an amazing healthy soup and to all the talented Karaoke divas! Yes, we will definitely be doing this again!!!



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