Profile – Janet, Maidenhead

Just under a year ago, Janet moved out of her parents house into a self-contained, one bedroom flat in a new, purpose built apartment building supported by our Maidenhead services.

Toilet roll doll made by Janet TameJanet is very active and very creative. She enjoys many crafts, but particularly knitting and patchwork and she has been knitting since she was 10 years old. She particularly likes making toilet roll doll covers and tea cosies. Janet attends a day service 4 days per week, where she is part of a group making a large patchwork quilt with different textured materials to go in the sensory room for people with severe learning disabilities. She also enjoys singing, shopping trips with her friends at the day centre and socialising in the evenings.

Creative Support assist Janet with daily living skills, such as cooking. Her parents visit regularly and help her with her finances.

Since moving into her flat, Janet enjoys having more freedom and greater independence. She has a boyfriend who she has known since school and enjoys her expanded social life:

‘Before I used to leave four walls and return to four walls and now I’m always out. I feel like I am my own person now, whereas before, everyone was telling me what to do and not to do; so now I’m independent.’



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