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David BrownI have had a disability since being attacked in 1998. At first I said to my family that there was nothing wrong with me and I didn’t need any help or support. After a period of time things were getting worse for me, my health and for the family. I decided, after a meeting with my social worker, that I did need help and I was introduced to Creative Support. My support started in 2007, and at first I found it hard as I had to ask, “what are we doing today?” My support workers said that they would take me anywhere that I would like to go, but it was hard for me, a person with a disability, to decide where to go.
After a year of help from Creative Support now I tell my workers what we are doing for the period of time that I have with them. When I receive the rota for the month in advance, I start planning on what to do, where to go. We the clients make the choices and Creative Support will help us with everything.

As a client you are welcome to the office with support, for a drink and a chat with the members of staff, it feels like you have known each other for years.

Like me, you may think at first that you will never need any help or support. But the day will come when you and family members will not be getting on together and that you will be sick of staying at home. It is important for yourself to get support when needed and the best supporting group for you is that of Creative Support.

With going to Creative Support you may only need a couple of hours a week, but those couple of hours are better for you, your family or your carers. They are there to help you and you may think that what you want is a silly little thing, but nothing is silly for Creative Support. There are times when I have support that I just go to a coffee shop for a drink and a chat for three hours, but the way I feel after those three hours is fantastic.

Every minute is important for us all and Creative Support is there when you need them, every minute of the day. And the final thing that I can say is, “SUPPORTING YOU THE WAY YOU WANT IT IS WHAT CREATIVE SUPPORT ACHIEVE”.



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