Profile – Paul and Denise, Telford

Denise and Paul with some of their wedding presentsPaul and Denise have been together for 8 years. They met in a residential home and moved into one of the Buxton Road flats together about 4 years ago. In August, with the assistance of their support workers, they got married in the local Baptist church and had a reception at the Dawley Social Club.

‘Paul kept saying “if I had the money, I’d marry you”, so it took a while, but it was beautiful.’

They had a red wine colour theme with roses and their first dance was to ‘Groovey Kind of Love’ by Phil Collins.

After the wedding they went to Paris for 5 days on their honeymoon. They liked all the buildings and statues, took a boat ride on the river and enjoyed changing their money and learning to use Euros.

Back in Buxton Road, Paul and Denise are given help with banking and daily living skills. Paul has recently learnt how to use the washing machine and do the washing, which he does whilst Denise is at college on a Tuesday. She is doing a course on ‘Looking Good and Feeling Great’. Paul attends college on a Thursday and is studying Fashion Design.

Paul and Denise both like cooking and good food. They thought the food in Paris was lovely, although Paul’s favourite is curries. Their new key worker was a chef and they are looking forward to learning new dishes from him.



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