Profile – Kirsten, Maidenhead

Kirsten working with her pressed flowersKirsten is a friendly, active young woman with a hearing impairment and learning disabilities. She does not wear a hearing aid, but can lip read and talk. She lives in a self-contained, one bedroom flat in a new apartment block supported by our Maidenhead services. Kirsten chose the decoration and furniture for her flat and has many of her paintings on the walls. She also has many cuddly toys, which she collects.

Kirsten previously lived with her parents in the family home and every Friday evening she goes to stay with them, as a close relationship with her family is very important to her.

Kirsten is highly creative and artistic. She loves pressing flowers and using them to make cards for her friends and family. She also enjoys painting and jewellery making with beads. She is painting a bird picture for her uncle in Denmark and some of her artwork has been exhibited locally.

Kirsten volunteers at St Mary’s Nursery, where she gives out drinks and biscuits to the children. Her mother picks her up and takes her there and whilst her mother does the flowers in the church, Kirsten works with the children. When they have finished they go shopping and to the fish and chip shop for lunch, which Kirsten loves. 

Creative Support assists Kirsten with daily living skills, such as shopping and cooking, and with taking her medication.

Some of Kirsten’s artworks:

Mixed media artwork by Kirsten Painting, with glitter, by Kirsten Painting by Kirsten Pressed flowers card by Kirsten
Mixed media artwork Painting with glitter Painting Pressed flowers card



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