Profile – Duncan, Manchester Breakthrough

I started attending Breakthrough in 2000 when a support worker of mine suggested going to it. I went to it in Fallowfield for 3 years and had some very good friends there and loved going there a very lot. In June 2003 we came here to Manchester when the Cyber Café was built. I have loved a very lot the members I have met here, all the groups I have attended over the years and the staff a lot too. Plus I have also held quite a few art exhibitions here. The staff have helped me a lot whenever I have had any problems. It has raised my self-esteem by coming to Breakthrough.

I have been to the writing group for 6 years and have enjoyed writing lots of different stories over that time. Carole was the best teacher I had during this time and Chris, the new teacher who started recently, is excellent too. I have written 5 children’s books in the last eight years; two of these with the support of the writing group. These were ‘Escape from Choccy Island’ and ‘A Puffin’s Tale’. I have loved the people who have come to the group and the writing too.

Duncan is very artistic and a number of his artworks can be seen in our Creativity Gallery, as well as his creative writing.



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