Profile – Amita, Elaine, John & Tim, London

Elaine, Amita and Tim
Amita, Elaine, John and Tim all live in a shared house supported by our Camden services. They are all good friends and like spending time together, but also participating in different activities that they each personally enjoy.

Amita attends a local day centre. On Mondays she does art, on Tuesdays she does dance, on Wednesdays she does cooking and on Thursdays she visits the hair salon. She spends Fridays at Action Space, where her artworks have been exhibited.

Tim attends college, where he is studying computing and on Fridays he goes to Action Space, where his artworks have also been exhibited. He has one day a week set aside for dealing with his banking, rent, etc., with support. On Wednesday evenings he attends a social club to meet friends, watch DVDs and play games. Tim is very creative and expressive, particularly enjoying art, drama and dance; he has been involved in projects with other organisations such as Siren Arts, Blue Octopus and the London Philharmonic and also auditioned for a BBC play.

Elaine attends the local day centre with Amita, and John has a part-time voluntary job as a landscape gardener in one of the local parks.



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