Staff Profile – Singh, Service Manager

Creative Support is to the Health Care industry what Google is to the field of Information Technology … unpretentious, staff friendly and completely client focussed. About 5 years ago, I completed my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and then got involved with doing some work for people with learning disabilities. Since then I have wanted to find a rewarding role in the field of learning disabilities in which I could use my management skills. When I was given the opportunity to manage a service in Berkshire for 46 service users, supported by a team of 35, I happily accepted the challenge. Each new day presents itself with different issues, but here at Creative Support we believe that there are no problems, only opportunities (to support clients and excel yourself).

Like all our managers, my clients’ wishes and needs are of the highest importance. Our entire team is very proactive and always look for ways to assist our service users to live a life full of choices and fun. In the last six months we have had clients (with staff support) go on various holidays, including a memorable trip to Turkey. We are in the process of getting a passport for another client who wants to go to Disneyland, Paris in the summer of 2009. The service regularly organises parties and theme nights, such as a Halloween night, Summer party, etc. Service users are welcome to pop into the office for a chat and a cup of coffee. By the end of the year we will move to bigger offices where our service users can come and spend more time – playing games or doing other interesting activities like painting, clay modelling, etc.

I have a very supportive Line Manager who empowers me to take decisions and encourages me to work with other members of our organisation. By pooling our experience and skills and learning from one another, I feel I am able to run a more efficient and quality service. I have also had the privilege and pleasure of working with our Chief Executive, Anna Lunts, who is a true leader ~ passionate, charismatic and inspirational.

I have received training in various areas, such as Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Recruitment and Selection, and now I actually provide induction training to new starters, giving them an insight into the company. Within Creative Support, we believe that leadership exists at all levels – the 35 team members in my service are leaders in their own right, whatever their position in the organisation. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the development of our services and the organisation as a whole; knowledge flows freely and everyone’s comments are equally valued. The entire team is genuinely helpful and when I took over in April 2008, I was encouraged and assisted by my colleagues to establish myself in the role. If you are looking to kick start or progress your career and assisting people is second nature to you, then I strongly suggest you apply to Creative Support.

I absolutely love my job and I am certain that if you are looking for work and you join us, you will too!



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