Staff Profile – Derek, Senior Support Worker

My day usually begins at 9am when I meet with my Line Manager and colleagues at our office. We have a brief meeting, updating each other on any issues, on-call emergencies which have arisen and plans for the forthcoming day. I also read our Communication Book, address any issues there and list my duties in order of importance. I like to get my phone calls out of the way first so will make any necessary appointments, which could include meetings/reviews with service users, members of the social work team, GPs and other health professionals.

I may need to arrange to meet up with potential new service users and their families/carers as my role includes making initial introductions to our Agency and supporting new service users throughout the referral and transition period. This is a part of my job I thoroughly enjoy, as I feel I am very much a “people person”.

A few of our service users will invariably call in to our drop-in centre during the course of the day for a coffee and a chat. If we have a baking class or one of our other activities things can become a little hectic.

The phone will ring throughout the day and each of us often has to think on our feet to address whatever the day brings. I have my paperwork to catch up with, updating care plans and risk assessments and covering any changes in the weekly rota. There can be quite a few changes, usually service user led.

I also have my regular service users and generally spend some part of each day supporting somebody.

We have a large staff team so I try to book in at least two staff supervisions each week. These are informal sessions and also give staff a chance to air their views.

We maintain strong relationships with our local social work team and keep in close contact regarding the people we support.

My day does not usually end at 5pm, it’s not that sort of job. We do what we have to do and sometimes that means working till much later. If I am on-call I can expect to receive phone calls for advice from staff and service users throughout the day (and night!) and have to deal with any situations as and when they occur. This gives reassurance to staff and service users as they know that a Creative Support Manager is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

This is just a brief description of my daily routine and although it may seem demanding to some people, I have tremendous job satisfaction and love working for Creative Support. I get full support, encouragement and motivation from my line Manager and Area Manager and there are ongoing opportunities to develop my skills and my career.



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