Profile – Janet, Stoke-on-Trent

Janet moved into one of our Stoke services from a hospital service 4 years ago. She was in one of the care home flats until 5 months ago, when she moved into one of the bungalows. Janet chose what colours to paint the rooms of the bungalow, the curtains and other furnishings.

‘I feel like this is home and if I had the money I would buy it. I get on with the other residents and sometimes we do things together.

I believe that you have to want to get better. Creative Support is very good, they are very supportive and help you when you need it. It is a new, different type of support for us. They don’t want you to feel that you are imprisoned. You can come and go as long as you just let them know. They give you more independence.

One really good thing I would like to do is Learn Direct. I have a tendency to forget things with my illness and if I could learn a new skill, I could pass it on to my children.

The fantastic thing here is that they do listen and they do support. Within the team there are a lot of people that really do care.

When in a rehab situation you hope that you will want to move-on, to keep looking ahead and being positive, but sometimes it’s hard, as I can feel despondent, but the team help me to keep looking forward.’



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