Profile – Dianne, Stockton-on-Tees

I moved into my home here in March 2002. I had lived in residential care before this. Since moving here I am more able around living skills. I am supported to make meals for myself and my co-tenants, I use the kitchen appliances with support from the staff, the oven, washing machine, tumble drier, doing my own ironing and using the microwave. I like living here as I can choose my own things: what I want to eat, when I want to make a cup of tea and what I want to watch on the television.

I am also more independent in the community; I access the local shops independently and have made friends with people in the community. I also access the local theatre to see any shows that I want to see and any pop concerts.

I have a job in a local tea room on a Friday morning, where I help out with preparing the meals and making drinks. I enjoy this work as it makes me feel I am doing something that I want to do.

I am supported with activities that I am interested in, inside my home and outside the home. I like to type up the duty rota for myself and the other 2 ladies who share my home with me. In alternate weeks, one evening I also carry out the health and safety inspections around the home, with the support of our staff. I like living here better than I did sharing a large home with lots of people who I did not know. I have my own telephone and I can ring my boyfriend at any time and my sister, which makes me happy.

I have achieved a couple of my life’s ambitions since moving here: I now have a season ticket for Middlesbrough Football Club and the staff support me to attend the games; and I also went abroad on holiday for the first time. I have been to Disneyland Paris and also Majorca. I go on holiday with my house mates and also by myself with one-to-one support, choosing where I would like to go and what staff I would like to support me.

I have come a long way since being involved with Creative Support: I feel more confident, I have even been involved in the company’s tenders and have been away on an overnight stay with the Service Manager for the north east, which I enjoyed. I have also been involved in presentations for the company and have stood up in front of groups of people to deliver my presentation, which was scary at first but I am used to it now and enjoy it.



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