Profile – Chris, Morecambe

Hello, my name is Chris and I volunteer at an animal care centre. Penny the dog needs a good home and she is lovely. At animal care I clean out the dogs and goats and rabbits. I have worked with the cats as well. Nicola, my Support Worker, comes once a month to take photographs. I go nearly every morning at 8.30am to take the dogs out. I enjoy it. I did a sponsored walk and raised almost £180. I like working with animals. I’m on the Committee at the centre, we talk about the services, about how it can get better and how to fundraise more money.

I do horse riding in Lancaster. Every week I do that with Rio – he’s my boy, he is my favourite horse, he’s the brown one. Jay is a black and white horse, I used to ride on him but now I ride on Rio.

Creative Support started to support me last year. I get a lot of support from Nicola, she shows me how to do cleaning and gets me out a bit. Nicola comes every day – I like to talk to her. She comes Monday to Friday but not at the weekend. She comes every dinner time, she goes to University so she doesn’t come all the time. I get about 10 hours support a week. She helps me with cleaning and shopping. I hate shopping! I’d rather push a dog, not a trolley!

I’ve had a few Support Workers and I like bright people like Nicola best.

I think it’s good that Creative Support is having a newsletter and a website. I think we should talk about the services to make it better and better. And to make it better for Creative Support, to show everyone what they do. I think it is good to show people in the community, so others can see what work is about and what volunteering is about and how great it is and how it can help you.

If I met someone in the street who didn’t know anything about Creative Support I would say Creative Support services are to help people with learning disabilities. I think Creative Support should keep on inspiring people to do a job that they want to do, get people jobs, go to college and learn things. I would let the people know how well the service, such as Creative Support is run and maintained, also inform people of the great work and support that is carried out on a daily basis helping to maintain people’s independence and quality of life.

Neil Maguire [Area Manager] – I have met him, he’s a great man, a top manager. I think Creative Support should keep doing it, the support they give, it’s a great thing.



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