Profile – Jude & John, Telford

Jude and John first met in their 20s at a Gateway club on Bonfire Night:

‘I found Jude and she found me. We held hands and kissed and a lady told us we must not, as that was the rule, so we left. Then we did our own things and later we were working in the same place and she told them to ask me if I would have coffee with her and I did, and ever since then we have been right as rain.’

Jude has lived in her flat for 5 years. John moved in, in August 2007, just before they got married in September, 35 years after they met. They got married in the local Methodist Church and were lucky to have nice weather and sunshine. Their first dance was to ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. They went on honeymoon to Llandudno.

‘He got down on one knee and proposed. We have been friends for 36 years and I wouldn’t change him.’

‘All the support workers helped us to organise the wedding. We planned it together and they helped us. And for our anniversary we bought nice things, champagne and rings, and we went on a mini-break to The Croft. I didn’t want anyone to know. It was our secret romantic weekend and it was our first weekend away without support. We had support to go there, but then they left to go home, so we were on our own. It was lovely.

Money can’t buy love. I wasn’t nervous when I got married, I’ve got the best wife anybody ever had.’ 

John has been involved in landscaping the garden around the flats and he and Jude have a summer house in the grounds.

‘I’m growing whatever I want. When the garden has settled it will be beautiful and we will also grow vegetables.’

Jude is being supported to go on a computer course and is knitting a blanket for the elderly, made of strips of different colours.

‘We like Buxton Road and the staff. If we like them we tell them we like them and if we don’t like them, we tell them, it’s hard cheese.’

‘They are there when we need them. John has help with the cooking as before he burnt himself.’

‘Yes, the staff, they’ve been very good to us. We go shopping and get things that we want and I look after my money and my wife.’



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